Jersey Sport

Background to Jersey Sport

Fit for the Future, the States of Jersey strategy for sport, outlined under the heading ‘organisation’ its ambition to give sport a stronger voice in Jersey and a new strategic direction with 76% of respondents to the consultation saying that Jersey needed to change how sport is organised. To achieve this, it was recommended a new coordinating body be created, operating independently, but with financial support from the States.

To evaluate and confirm this recommendation, following a tender process, a specialist sports consultancy, Knight Kavanagh and Page (KKP), was appointed by government to advise on the merits of forming an independent body for sport in Jersey.

The KKP report was published in May 2015 and, acting upon the conclusion and recommendations contained in it, the Assistant Minister for Sport, Connétable Steve Pallett, made the decision to appoint a ‘Shadow Board’ (JSSB) with specific Terms of Reference to validate the KKP recommendations and report back on the feasibility of creating the new proposed organisation.

Following a recruitment process overseen by the Jersey Appointments Commission Phil Austin was appointed in late 2015 as Chairman with three additional directors, Jean Cross, Steve Law and Tony Taylor subsequently appointed. The Shadow Board has now transitioned to become the board of Jersey Sport and in May 2017 the organisation’s first Chief Executive Officer, Catriona McAllister was appointed.

Jersey Sport’s Objectives

• To champion the cause of sport in Jersey by being its strong, independent voice

• To maximise Physical Literacy & participation in physical activity throughout society

• To support participants, clubs and associations

• To share best practice and optimise resources

• To pursue additional private and public funding for sport

Jersey Sport’s Beliefs

• Sport has the potential to enhance all individuals’ lives, physically and emotionally

• Sport helps foster a healthier, fairer society

• Sport and physical activity should be available to everyone in Jersey, regardless of age, gender, state of health or financial circumstances

• Achieving a higher standard of performance is possible and desirable for anyone, at every level

• Aspiration and working to achieve excellence is to be applauded and supported

• Competitiveness is admirable, but winning isn’t everything, especially if it’s at the expense of the values of sport

• Sport is ultimately something to be enjoyed by participants, volunteers, organisers and spectators


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