Inspiring An Active Jersey

It’s a staggering fact that in Jersey, 48% of adults and 81% of children and young people do not meet the world health organisation’s recommended guidelines for physical activity.

The Inspiring an Active Jersey Strategy has been produced to tackle this issue of inactivity within the island and Jersey Sport will drive this strategy forward, using the annual grant received from the Government of Jersey. The target is to reduce physical inactivity by 10% by 2025, and by 15% by 2030.

In May 2019, the Move More Jersey initiative was launched to encourage more islanders to be more active, more often. Further Jersey Sport and Move More Jersey programmes will be grown and developed within the island over the next few years, with secured support and funding.

Inspiring An Active Jersey

“We can be successful if we have a strategy that encompasses all departments and all islanders, as physical activity is of ‘national’ concern and impacts upon us all.”  Catriona McAllister, CEO at Jersey Sport.

In March 2018, ahead of the launch of the new Active Island Strategy, a wide range of leading experts on sport and physical activity from across the British Isles spoke at a conference aimed at demonstrating the stark issues the island faces because of inactivity.

Catriona McAllister explains the need for the new island strategy:


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