Jersey Sport administers travel, coaching and officiating grants for sports.

COVID-19 Recovery Fund Grant

The new COVID-19 Recovery Fund Grant has been made available as a one-off fund which utilises unspent funds from the 2020 Travel Grant Fund.

The purpose of the fund is to demonstrate the Government of Jersey and Jersey Sport’s commitment to sport within Jersey and to assist those sporting organisations facing financial adversity due to the restrictions imposed due to COVID-19.

Jersey Sport aims to assist as many sports as possible to recover and continue with their operations, however, funding will be secured as a priority to those sports facing an uncertain future.

Who qualifies for the grant?

Jersey based sporting clubs, organisations and associations which are not-for-profit and have faced financial difficulties in 2020 as a direct result of COVID-19.

Sports organisations applying for the grant should be able to demonstrate there is a direct impact upon them due to COVID-19.

Applications for the Recovery Fund Grant MUST be submitted to Jersey Sport before 30 September 2020. Please email: to request an application form. Click on the links below to view the FAQs and T&Cs:

COVID-19 Recovery Fund Grant FAQs

COVID-19 Recovery Fund Grant T&Cs 


Travel Grants

The Travel Grants scheme backs Jersey’s athletes, helping with the cost of journeys to compete in events and training camps at a higher level.

In 2019, £119k from Government of Jersey funding was distributed as part of their commitment to developing athletes. Those grants, administered by Jersey Sport, helped 27 different sports with approximately 3,300 journeys.

**Update 12 January 2021**

Given the current climate, we wish to clarify the situation regarding the grant fund, as agreed by the Jersey Sport Grants Advisory Committee.

We recognise the level of uncertainty related to travel and the likelihood that there will be some travel restrictions or constraints for some time. It is nearly impossible to plan travel with any degree of certainty at the moment so it would not be appropriate to request travel grant applications, at this time.

Therefore, the 2021 travel grants application process is postponed.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will launch the application process when the ability to travel is likely to be restarted. In the meantime, we are working behind the scenes to adapt the application process, terms, and conditions to be more flexible and appropriate.  We will keep you informed of any associated updates, and the application process will be widely promoted when it is launched and open for applications.

If you have any eligible travel requirements (based on 2020 criteria), either before the travel grant fund is open for applications, or later in the year that you need to commit to now, please get in touch to discuss your options well in advance of the dates of travel.

Application forms and key information for 2020

We aim to reduce the administration for all involved with the travel grants process whilst continuing to maintain due diligence to ensure the appropriate allocation of funds.

Please note: the 2021 travel grants application process is currently postponed.

Applications may be accepted throughout the year in exceptional circumstances to be considered (along with existing un-funded activities) for the re-allocation of identified underspends or any unallocated budget.

For more information on the scheme please contact:

Volunteer Workforce Fund

In 2019 Jersey Sport created a new fund of approximately £20k available to sports to bid for:

• To support coaches, officials and volunteers who have demonstrated a commitment to the development of their sport to earn qualifications or undertake CPD. This may include relevant support services (eg. strength and conditioning) in addition to sport specific qualifications.

• To bring specialist coaches or senior officials to Jersey to develop athletes, coaches or officials. Priority will be given to requests to develop more than one group (athletes, coaches or officials) in the same trip.

• To be considered for support to bring a coach, tutor or mentor to Jersey, their level of coaching or officiating must be of a higher level than available on-island and a minimum of UK Coaching level 3 coaching, or equivalent, and the purpose for bringing the coach or senior official to the island must be made clear.

Successful funding requests will be paid in arrears upon submission of relevant claim form with supporting receipts and only for islanders who complete and pass the relevant course, certificates will be required to support the claim(s).

Funding requests will only be considered where relevant safeguarding policies and processes are in place. All funding from other sources related to these activities must be declared.

It is anticipated the requests for funding will far exceed the total available. Decisions will be based on the information available with a potential tiered contribution against the level of qualification, with priority given to higher-level qualifications.

Grant recipients must commit to the equivalent of one hour per week of volunteering in their sport for a minimum of 6 months from the date qualified or upskilled. This does not exclude coaches or officials being paid for related work above and beyond this. Ideally, the volunteering time should be used to develop the sport across the island using the new skills or qualification.

Funding requests are welcomed from sports associations who have a remit to support their relevant sport’s athlete and coaching pathways across the island. Requests may be accepted from clubs where an association does not exist.

Initial applications are invited by 31 January 2020. However, applications will be considered on a rolling-basis throughout the year where budget is available. Retrospective applications will not be considered except in exceptional circumstances on a case by case basis.

To request funding, please complete this Volunteer Workforce Grant Application Form and send to:


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