Our People
Maria Balde

Youth Panel member

Background: Maria was born in Latvia and has lived in Jersey for eight years. She is 18 years old, studying A levels at Hautlieu school where she is taking psychology, English, and drama. She took sport as one of her GCSE options.

Interests & Hobbies: Maria is part of Essential street dance, and has taken part in a lot of shows. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the gym to maintain a healthy active lifestyle. Previously, she had been part of Drama Lab/Actors Centre for four years, performing not only in front of her peers but for the audience at Jersey Arts Centre, Haute Vallee school and Warwick University in Birmingham. She also enjoys badminton and running, and has been involved in Jersey women’s island basketball team.

Aspirations: Maria aspires to become a psychologist and help those that are struggling with mental health, stopping the stigma associated with it and raising awareness of how important it is to speak up about the issues. She believes that mental health plays an important role for those who are involved in sport as it can affect how well you perform in competitions. She describes the opportunity to get involved and be a volunteer for the Jersey Sport team as “amazing”, and hopes it will help her grow her leadership skills, project management, and marketing abilities.