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The Travel Grants scheme backs Jersey’s sportsmen and women, helping with the cost of journeys to compete in events and training camps at a higher level.

Last year, £119,000 of States of Jersey funding was distributed as part of their commitment to developing athletes. Those grants, administered by Jersey Sport, helped 32 different sports with approximately 3,000 journeys.

Important notice as 2019 applications open

We are now accepting applications for support with travel in 2019, however we wish to stress at this time that 2019 travel grant funding has not yet been confirmed by the States of Jersey. The updated terms and conditions (below) have been written on the assumption that the level of funding will be similar to 2018. Applicants must recognise that until the funding is confirmed; the terms, conditions and application process may be subject to change. The application timeline may also be extended at the discretion of Jersey Sport. Eligible applications will only be supported subject to the availability, level and related conditions of the grant, when confirmed by the States of Jersey.

Application forms and key information for 2019

The Jersey Sport Travel Grant Advisory Committee aim to reduce the administration for all involved with the travel grants process whilst continuing to ensure the requirements of the States of Jersey funding agreement are met.

The Committee recognise sports have submitted detailed calendars of activity in 2018 and they do not wish to require sports to have to undertake the same administration burden where the levels of activity are likely to be similar in 2019. However, details are required if additional funding is requested and for new applicants, who did not receive grants last year.

Closing date for 2019 applications: 24th February 2019

For more information on the scheme please email


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